Monday, 30 September 2013

25 Facts about Me!!

As this is my first blog I thought a could share with you a bit about me! Here are 20 random and not so random facts about me-
1. I am 16 years of age.
2. I recently got my learners licence.
3. I work at Woolworth's as a checkout chick and also at a labour hire company as a trainee.
4. I love art and i study it at school.
5. I can speak a little bit of Korean.
6. I love You Tube. Some of my favourite You tubers are - Zoella, JacksGap, MarcusButlerTV, AlfiesPointlessBlog and Our2ndLife!
7. I go to the cinemas way to often!
8. I am in a single parent family.
9. My family has been affected by cancer.
10. I have been in a car accident.
11. I have never broken a bone.
12. I cant dance.
13. I don't like conflict.
14. I am a middle child (if you are a middle child reading this. I raise my hat to you).
15. I have a phobia of dogs.
16. I love hair and makeup!
17. When I was little I wanted to be a mechanic.
18. My favourite colour is blue (always has been).
19. It is way harder to think of 25 facts about me than I thought it would.
20. I like Boy bands.
21. I'm good at school.
22. I love Pintrest (if you do too go follow me at Bonnie-Jean. I wont disappoint)
23. I love to cook.
24. I love to play pranks on my family (those are stories for another time!)
25. I love my family (most of the time) and friends.

So now you know a bit more about me. I hope you enjoyed reading. Until next time.


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