Saturday, 26 October 2013

Body Image.....

Whats up?,
So, today i went to the beach with my family. At the beach we go to it is packed out on a sunday afternoon with families and groups of teens. But recently i have noticed how many people just sit there and tan. All day long. No, they don't go for a swim.......they sit there and tan for hours on end. Not only is that really bad for you but its a bit sad.
Body image these days is a massive thing for some people. Its really sad that people have to do so much to themselves and spend so much money on things to make themselves feel like they fit in.
I fall into that trap myself a lot. Not saying that getting a pampering is a bad thing like getting your nails done. I love getting dressed up. But things like spending hundreds of dollars on ageing creams. I mean whats the point. Those things are only temporary solutions to try and fix a problem thats going to happen whether you like it or not.
So i leave you with an awesome little nail tutorial that you can try yourself to make you feel pretty with out all the fuss.

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