Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Live in the Moment

Ok, so lately for some reason i have just been really content with my life and where I'm at at the moment. I have an awesome group of friends and have just been genuinely enjoying life. Every now and then I love to just sit back and take it all in. I don't know why but i literally just look out into the distance (Im so weird). I love just living in the moment. Don't worry about the stresses of tomorrow or the mistakes of yesterday, just be content living in the present.

It makes you feel so happy when you do. I remember when I was on holiday on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, Australia we were staying in an awesome hotel on the top floor. It was the nicest hotel. Anyway, my best friend, her mum and I where sharing a room. In the corner of the room was windows from floor to ceiling, just two panels of them. I had a fold out bed so we put the bed in the corner against the windows and then put the curtains over the bed to create a kind of cubby house with a view of the whole city. It was amazing. We literally just sat there living in the moment. Taking in the world beneath us. It was the best feeling ever. 
So, I urge you guys, just enjoy life. Live in the moment and savour it. Life is too short to be running around stressing. Why waste your life worrying. Just stop for a moment and you will realise how large and amazing the world is. You just need to take a step back to realise it.

PS. It was a bit of a random post, but whatever.

Xx Bonnie

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