Sunday, 24 August 2014

Everyone Has A Story

The world is a massive place and it is full of people from all walks of life. Everyone is different and had a unique story. Lately, I have started to realise that. I meet and serve so many different and unique people and I want to know their story. When you look at someone all you see is the outside, the shell. You have no idea what their story is, what the have been through and what that have seen. Every line of their face holds a different story. Its amazing to think about really. But lately I’ve started to really talk to people. I love hearing people stories and its crazy the courage it gives you. 
The other day I met a man that was training to do the Kakoda trail. He had climbed Mount Everest and he owned his own business. I met a lady that is a aboriginal artist and does murals for the council, she has painted her entire dining room walls with aboriginal art. I met a lady from Melbourne that comes up here for work, she told me some awesome place to go in the city when i go there at the end of the year. 

The amount of different people you can meet just by saying hello and starting a conversation. Happiness rubs off on other people. When you are kind and willing to listen its crazy the place you can end up. 
I challenge you to start a conversation with a stranger. Its crazy where that conversation can lead. Be a good listener and let them talk. You will learn a lot. 

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