Tuesday, 15 April 2014


After one crazy school term of my life I have come to realize the enormous amount of expectations adults put on teenagers.
My life at the moment consists of the following:
I am currently a senior in grade 12 of high school.
I have a school based trainee-ship which means i attend 4 days of school and one day employment at a small office doing admin work. In addition to that I complete 12 modules/assessment to go toward the completion of my Cert III in Business admin.
I also work Casual at Woolworths. Thus, most Saturdays are gone and most Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights until about 9:30pm are gone too.
I do 5 Subjects at School. Maths A- I am currently on an A, English- Currently on a B, Business communication technologies- Currently on a B, Business Organisation Management- Currently on a B, and Art- Currently on an A.
My family is also strictly religious, which means religious activities throughout the week.
So, that is all the things i juggle throughout every week. But it crazy how on top of that i am expected to much much more.
I'm expected to do 15 hours of studying a week, i get home work each night by each teacher expecting me to have it done by the next day even though i have work till 9:30pm that night. I'm expected to complete one module every fortnight. Each person expects s much from me and acts like they are the only important thing and nothing else matters, that i have no life outside English, or my trainee-ship. People ask me how i do it all, the realty is i really don't know.

So, i started thinking, how much time do i spend doing things and how much time would i have left? Is it even possible to accomplish what is expected of me to the full?
To simplify it i figured out how many hours there are in a year...
1 year = 8760 hrs
What I am expected to do...
School= 960 hrs ( 4 days a week for 40 weeks)
Study=780 hrs (Expected to do 15 hours a week)
Training=104 hrs (Expected to do 2 hours a week)
Homework/Assignments=120 hrs (3 hours for each assignment a term)
Work=1296 hrs (One day a week at trainee-ship and casual employment at Woolworths. Not including extra hours on school holidays)
Eating= 720 hrs (If you spent at least 2 hours a day eating)
Sleeping= 2928 hrs (If i got the recommended 8 hours per night that teachers tell us about.)
Exercise= 364 hrs (If i did the recommended 1 hour a day that we get taught we should do)
Religious= 744 hrs (Including church, ministry and other gatherings)
Sick days= 192 hrs ( The maximum 8 days per year i am told i am aloud ti have by my teachers.)
Public Holidays= 240 hrs (The 10 different public holidays we have in Australia. Inc. Christmas, Easter etc.)
Social= 528 hrs (1 hour a day social, which can means just talking to friends then 5 hours on the week ends)
Transport= 364 hrs (Assuming i spend at least 1 hour a day either walking to school or getting dropped off at work)

So in total all those things come to.........

Wow... I was shocked by this answer. I didn't even think that i included everything.
I think rather than having a bitter attitude of teenagers i think adults should respect all the effort we put into our youth. For kids that spend all their time being idiots and wasting their live, we sure do have a lot of expectations to live up to.
Its hard being a teen in this day and age. High schools aren't what they used to be. We are expected to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives by the time we are 14. We aren't considered adults or capable of making decisions until we are 18, nut we have to make such a big decision at the age of 14! No wonder there is such a big percentage of depression in youth!
I could rant about this subject for ages but i will continue this next time.

Just remember before judge a person because of their age. I just hope all this stress now will pay off in the end. That's what they teach us anyway.

Leave me a comment on your thoughts. I love to hear what you have to say!

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