Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Tunes

I think the type of music a person listens to tell you a lot about them. Me? i like a lot of different types of music, I guess that explains a lot though... Haha. No, but seriously depending on my mood depends on what i feel like listening to. If I'm in a crappy mood i find it really hard to listen to even my favourite music. But lately i have been absolutely obsessed with the divergent soundtrack! If you have seen the movie you will know what I mean! (Expect a movie and book review soon!) I love that movie so much... I'm getting really excited jet writing about it. Anyway, i am also in love with the Ministry of Sounds Bounce Sessions album that just came out.
But, i thought in order to get to know me a bit better i would give you i list of songs i like at the moment. THEY ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. I love them equally.

1. I Need You- M83 (Official Divergent Soundtrack)

2. Hanging On- Ellie Goulding- I see monstas remix (Official Divergent Soundtrack

3. Drop- Mercer, D!rity Aud!o and Reece Low (Ministry of Sounds Bounce Session)

4. Fight for you- Pia Mia Feat. Chance the Rapper (Official Divergent Soundtrack)

5. Waiting Game- Banks (Official Divergent Soundtrack)

6. Beating Heart- Ellie Goulding (Official Divergent Soundtrack)

7. Eighteen Cool- Hoodie Allen

8. No Interruption- Hoodie Allen

9. Dreaming- Smallpools

10. Give Me your Hand- The Ready Set

So there you go, have a look at the vids and tell me what you think! Comment below what your favourite songs are, i want to know!

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