Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Spectacular Now!

Hey Guys!!
I know 2 posts in 2 days!!! Its crazy! I even surprised myself. Anyway, I thought I would try something different today and do a bit of a movie review.

I watched "The Spectacular Now" the other day and absolutely fell in love with it. It was such an amazing movie. It was cute, sad, funny.... Uh, I just can't. The two main actors are Shailene Woodley (who is acting in The Fault in Our Stars Movie by the way. I love her) and the dreamy Miles Teller (who was part of the cast in the new footloose). Both actors do an amazing job in the movie.
Its basically about a guy named Sutter who is a party kid, he meets this girl who he think he should help by being nice to. They become friends and Sutter realizes how beautiful she is. However, They figure out that they have something in common, they both need to stand up to their parents. Aimee wants to move away to college, however her mum wants her to live with her and Sutter wants information about his dad that got kicked out of the house many years earlier. Eventually, like any love story, they fall in love. Ugh, i don't want to give it away but they are the cutest couple ever. I want a relationship like that. The way he treats her and even looks at her is so adorable. If you haven't seen this movie i highly recommend that you see it. Apparently there is a book and i am defiantly going to read that as soon as i can. I will do another review about the book when i finish it!

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Riley Sinclair said...

Sounds like an interesting movie! I shall write it down on my list of movies to watch :)

-Riley XO