Friday, 23 May 2014

Where is the Love

I don't know about anyone else, but when I listen to this song is gives me goosebumps. I think this song, although was made many years ago, has relevance now and will probably always have relevance to this world. Unity is a massive issue in society and in the world in general.
I know its cliché, but could you imagine a world we're everyone just got along. I world where you wouldn't have to worry about walking alone at night, where you would''t have to watch all those terrible things on the news, you wouldn't have to see innocent people die.
Its sad that we have to worry all the time and we have to always be exposed to violence and hatred. And I think that for kids today it is become something normal and it doesn't surprise them to see these things because ether have been exposed to it from birth. Thats a scary thought, What is it teaching them. that it is ok to treat someone a certain way because of their colour, where they live, were they are from or what they look like.
Hate basically rules this world. Hitler killed people because he hated that they we're different to what he thought was acceptable. Hate causes terrorist attacks and North Koreas threats to start a war. It all links back.
How are we any different, when we judge people because of their looks, because they don't fit into the mould we have made based on what society thinks is right and wrong. We put so many stereotypes on people and things that we don't even notice it. We are all guilty of it even if we don't mean to. Its the way society shapes our thinking into whats normal and weird, whats right and wrong.
I have caught myself doing it a lot, its hard not to when your surrounded by people and media telling you what you should be doing.
I think we just have to try and not be so judgemental. Its your life, live it how you want and let other people live the life they want. If that means they want to wear no shoes in public or wear no makeup then that is that persons choice. There is nothing wrong with that, it makes them happy  and its not affecting you. Why does it matter?
Next time you find yourself or yourself judging someone because of what they look like or what they do, ask yourself or them, Why does it matter. Really though, Why? Does it affect you or they way you live? No, but it obviously makes them happy, why would you take happiness away from someone?

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